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Landscape Renovation

  • This project was completed in Summer of 2011. The customer’s landscape was overgrown and outdated. They wanted a completely new look! We redesigned the front landscape, removed all old plant material, created new beds, and used ¾ inch Red Stone, instead of mulch, which provides less maintenance for the homeowner.

Planting around existing Masonry Work

  • This cemetery had a masonry memorial created and wanted to accent it with landscaping. We developed a design with deer resistant plants in mind, utilized boulders for aesthetics, and included year round plants to make the memorial functional throughout the year.

Landscape and Hardscape Design and Installation

  • This project was completed over the course of 2-3 seasons. There was nothing at the existing property. We created walkways, steps, patios, and retaining walls to give the property usable space. We incorporated planting and boulders to accent the completed hardscape to give the homeowner exactly what they wanted.

Boulder Walls with Planting

  • This property is located on the side of a hill. The homeowner wanted to create something that not only he could enjoy but was eye appealing to neighbors driving up the street. This project was completed using a series of tiered boulder walls to lessen the slope of the yard. Shrubs and small trees were incorporated with lighting to make the space stand out in the day and night.

Retaining Wall with Steps

  • This customer had a property that was unusable off the back of the house. The homeowner wanted to make the space usable and wanted old rotting steps and wood retaining walls removed and replaced. We achieved this using retaining wall block. The highest point of the walls were approximately 6 ½ feet. A set of steps leading to the back now makes the space usable.

Complete Landscape with Pond and Boulders

  • This project was completed at a church rectory. The space was completely bare aside from an existing concrete pad. The church wanted to enhance the patio which is used for entertaining and church functions. The relaxing sound of running water and peaceful landscape made this a new, tranquil space. The area was leveled and boulders were also added to create a visually appealing outdoor area.

Hardscape Construction with Planting

  • This project was completed in the summer of 2013. This customer wanted to be able to access their deck from their driveway. Working with the homeowner we were able to design a functional landscape and hardscape to help them achieve their vision. We removed the existing retaining wall, steps and plant material and installed a new retaining wall, paver walkway and steps. To complement the hardscape we added some landscape beds.

2014 Hardscape Construction with Planting

  • This project was completed in 2014. This customer wanted to replace the existing concrete walkway and landscaping. Working with the homeowner we were able to design a functional landscape and hardscape to meet their needs. We removed the existing concrete walkway and plant material. We installed a new paver walkway and overlaid the existing porch with paver material. We also installed new plants and boulders to accent the walkway.

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